We The Birds - Q&A with TONI&GUY!

Here at TONI&GUY, we got to sit down with Dallas Fashion Bloggers, Macaron Business Owners, and sisters, Sarah and Natalie Knowlton. Both Sarah and Natalie have been rocking amazing blonde hair cut and colored by our amazing TONI&GUY stylists Stephen Jaime, Hairdresser of the Year and Education Director, and Jared Smith, Regional Creative Director. The social media mavens were so kind to sit and chat with us.

Check out our Q&A below!

What are your backgrounds like and how did “We The Birds” originate? 


WE THE BIRDS is a lifestyle brand established by sisters, Sarah and Natalie Knowlton. Based in Dallas, TX, we built our brand through a shared love of fashion, design, travel and French macarons. 

We had a transient upbringing (moving and living all over the world). At some point along the way, we started to call ourselves “the birds” because we were always “in flight.” The name, WE THE BIRDS, is a nod to our upbringing and also a reference to the notion that “birds of a feather flock together.” 

We established WE THE BIRDS in 2015 when we found ourselves living in the same city for the first time in 10 years! We had always wanted to do something creative together, so a blog seemed like a good place to start. At the time, we both had thriving corporate careers— Sarah worked in web design for Neiman Marcus and Natalie worked in finance & accounting. 
We truly did not set out to establish ourselves as fashion bloggers who also make French macarons.

It just organically happened as a result of our unique skills and interests. Sarah’s professional background is in fashion & design — working on the creative team for a luxury retailer for the better part of her career. Natalie’s professional background is in international business & finance, while always having her hand in culinary hobbies. Her knack for making French macarons quickly blossomed into its own business. We like to think fashion and luxury macarons have a way of complimenting and enhancing one another. 

How do you guys balance a macaron business and a fashion blog? 
S - Oh gosh, balancing two full-time businesses is a challenge every single day. We have separated the workflow based on our skillset — as a general rule, Natalie leads macarons operations and I spearhead the creative operations, but at the end of the day, we both have a hand in all sides of the business. Clearly defining our roles from the start has made our multi-faceted company possible. We also have an amazing team — we truly have rockstars behind the scenes. 

Both of you have amazing style. Where do you find fashion inspiration from? 
We grew up living all over the world, so our sense of style is definitely a reflection of our global upbringing. We draw inspiration from some many things — the runways, cultures we love, style icons, social media... 
S - My style icons are Kate Moss and Iris Apfel. 

N - My style icon is Kate Bosworth. 

How do your personal styles differ from each other? 
We always joke that we are the same but different. Sometimes people think we are twins (when Sarah’s hair is a normal color), then other times, people don’t even realize we are sisters. 
S - I typically describe my style as 90’s grunge meets Japanese anime meets London street style. 

N - Modern minimalist meets athleisure street style meets world traveler. 

What are the most prized possessions in your wardrobes? 
S - My denim jackets

N - My Prada snake buckle bag and Helmut Lang coat. I hope to wear them both until I die. 

Are there any trends you are looking forward to this Spring? 
S - We are in a period of transition (seasonally, personally and professionally)... I’m feeling really experimental this season. I tend to keep my wardrobe overwhelming black and neutral, but I’m playing with colors more this spring than ever! I’m also really into the plastic trend. 

N - Breaking away from my all black look, I am all about color this Spring - lavenders, yellows, polka dots. I’ve never been a huge fan of color blocking, but I am 100% behind the monochromatic trend! Rocking color in a monochromatic fashion is way more fun than wearing just one piece of color. 

What do you guys do when you’re not making macarons and or running the blog? 
S - We recently moved into our newly renovated home (my husband and I gutted a small house and rebuilt it from the studs), so that’s been a big project that will probably never end (apparently homeownership is a lifestyle... a lifestyle I wasn’t prepared for, but that’s another story). Natalie and I are also in the middle of construction for our new headquarters space, which will be our office and commercial kitchen. Our lives are “under construction”. I love to sleep. I love snuggling with @JeffreyCampbelltheDog. Getting into deep conversations with anyone while I smoke cigarettes is probably my favorite thing to do. 

N - I love to cook and eat. My boyfriend and I are both foodies and enjoy trying new restaurants and cooking together (mostly Asian inspired meals). We watch a ton of movies and Netflix series. I also love running. Running is the best way for me to clear my mind – that and baths. My favorite pastime is researching travel spots and dreaming up my next vacation/reunion with my best friends (who conveniently live all over the world). 

What’s one interesting thing most people don’t know about either of you? 
S - 5 years sober 

N - I’ve been to Cambodia 6 times and lived there for several months. One time, I was staying in a small fishing village and became extremely sick. The women in the village performed an ancient “coining” treatment on my body to break my fever. I looked like a striped zebra for days, but my fever was gone! 

Did you ever think you guys would run a business together as sisters? Is that something you’ve always wanted to do? 
S - No I definitely did not ever see this in my future. I don’t have good “forecasting” skills — I’ve never been much of a planner or one to visualize the future. BUT I am so glad we are doing this together. It’s a real gift to have a built-in partner in life and in business, that’s my sister! 

N - I always wanted to start something from nothing and run my own business – but I never envisioned Sarah being a part of that dream. Now, I can’t imagine running a business WITHOUT her. It’s really fun to dream about starting a business, but the reality of running a business is a different beast that I could only do with Sarah as my partner. 

Where do you think you will both be 5 years from now? 
S - As previously mentioned, I’m not a big fan of looking forward and projecting my life. BUT I think we will be doing WE THE BIRDS things, growing our business and finding fulfillment in every single day. 

N - Our transient upbringing didn’t lend itself to thinking too far in the future, but in 5 years I trust that WE THE BIRDS will have its hand in many projects and continue to grow as an established brand. I also see us traveling more and working on the road - with Dallas as our home base, always. 


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Sarah and Natalie after getting fresh new color from Jared Smith and styled out by Stephen Jaime!

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