Light Up with Less Damage

Go Ronze! Not Quite Red, Not Quite Bronze: This Bold Hair Color Is for Those Unafraid to Shine

Sara Spruch-Feiner



Haircolour is one of the easiest ways your clients can play with their looks. Unlike say, a pixie cut chop, a colour transformation doesn’t mean a long-term time commitment, or even a change one’s day-to-day styling regimen. Not to mention the fact that it’s just fun. Hair colour allows for bold self-expression. With the current popularity of colours like fiery reds, and metallic-hued strands, we want to help clients find the iteration that works for them—and stands out amongst the crowd. Our current favorite is ronze—a custom-blended mix of red and bronze hues for a saturated, shiny look.


To Jared Smith, TONI&GUY’s National Technical Creative Director, the perk of this colour lies in taking more classic hues and giving them something new and exciting. It comes from mixing a more classic red hue with a touch of bronze, for a more special colour. “More than ever,” Smith explains, “people are more open to changing their hair colour, and they're getting a little bit more bold with it. And a ronze colour, it's an in-between version, so it gives people a segue into flashier colours.”





If you’ve been considering going a bold, bright red, for example, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge, a colour like ronze allows for a more gradual transition to the bright side.

As for how to achieve this for your clients? Here’s the formula we’ve created to get the look:




  • Base colour/tint retouch- Burnt Umber using TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss 30g 5/38 30g 5/4 with 90g 20 vol activator 

Dimensional colours

  • Formula 1- Deep Ember using TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss 30g 7/4 and 30 g 6/34with 90g
  • Formula 2- willpower using TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss 58g 7/44 and 2g /44 MM with 90g 8.5 vol activator


The key to helping your clients maintain their bold new colour at home lies in a blend of TIGI’s Copyright Colour collection—and a cool rinse after shampooing and conditioning. Why? “Cooler water ensures the cuticle scales of the hair shaft don’t rise,” which leaves the colour undisturbed, says Smith. “I also tell clients that colour safe shampoo and conditioner are important to retain the colour and help it last, as they are acidic and help the cuticle lay flat.” If your client’s hair is dried-out from colour treatments, recommend TIGI’s Shampoo & Conditioner for Damaged Hair sold at TONI&GUY locations.


As for the styling on our beautiful model, TONI&GUY Education Director, Stephen Jaime achieved her soft texture using TIGI’s Catwalk Hairista Cremé for a healthy blowout, and TIGI’s Catwalk Bodifying Spray for volume. “I applied product before rough drying and then created three sections of hair,” Jaime explains. “Following with a medium round brush and using a twisting technique to get the soft movement.”



After going Ronze colour and styling