Balayage Forever

Balayage—it’s a term you’ve definitely been hearing since at least 2013. That’s when the style, which has been around for even longer, started to surge in popularity, and since then, balayage hasn’t backed down. Celebs like Olivia Wilde, Ciara, Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, and supermodel Gisele Bundchen have all been known to sport the freely hand-painted style. The technique is what makes it so good: “It’s a more natural, lived-in highlight look,” according to Jared Smith, TONI&GUY’s National Technical Creative Director.

No wonder balayage has stuck around — the technique itself is so customizable to each client that each iteration will be totally one-of-a-kind. “That’s what most people want! Their own personal color identity,” said Smith. Which makes the consultation with each client all the more important, since outcomes can vary dependent on client taste and preferences.

When it comes to implementation, the right tools and products are key. Check out the Allie technique, part of the Euphoria Collection, and use a clay/rice lightener (bleach)—you can always add BalayPowder to the color line of your voice to achieve the same consistency.

But before you get to to that step, find out what the client likes! “Study the canvas in your chair, i.e. the lifestyle, cut and style, and maintenance,” of the client, Smith recommends. #Inspiration images are key. Whether from magazines, Pinterest or Instagram, a mood board of balayage styles the client likes will help you and your client get on the same visual page, and facilitate a discussion about goals and realistic results.